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To Be a True Submission Artist Requires Dedication to Mastering Movement and Positioning.
10th Planet San Diego Jiu Jitsu

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is a non-traditional no-gi jiu jitsu system developed by Eddie Bravo that incorporates and promotes flexibility, unusual positions, and an attacking mind set. No-gi jiu jitsu is not just a fundamental base for mixed martial arts; it is also a great self-defense technique and an amazing way to get in shape. From beginners to professional competitors, instruction welcomes students of all skill-levels to grow in their training and be creative in developing their own style.

Here at 10th Planet Oceanside, we have some of the best instructors in the world teaching progressive and innovative techniques that are on the cutting edge of no-gi grappling. Our classes are filled with both fundamental and advanced technical instruction. We break down every sequence, position or transition, so everyone from high level black belts to even the newest practitioner will grow in their training.


Not only do we have training for no-gi jiu jitsu morning, day, and night, but we have wrestling classes to further develop your standup game. Whether you do jiu jitsu, mixed martial arts, high school wrestling, or just want to learn and get a great work out, these classes are for you.

10th Planet San Diego Wrestling
10th Planet San Diego Strength and Conditioning


Our boxing workouts provide great cardio and strength training with jump rope, bag work, medicine ball drills, and abdominal exercises. Led by Adam Castro, we teach classical boxing skills and training techniques, focused on footwork, combinations, timing, and conditioning.

Muay Thai

Our muay thai training involves high-intensity body weight and plyometric exercises, designed for improved conditioning, explosiveness, agility, and flexibility. Classes with AJ Matthews integrate combos of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to cover a full range of motion and techniques.

10th Planet San Diego Muay Thai
10th Planet San Diego Kid's Programs

Strength and Conditioning

We not only have a dedicated strength and conditioning program, but we have the experience behind it to guide you in your goals. No matter if you are conditioning for competition in any of the combat or martial arts or if you are training in general and looking for the best way to lose weight, get lean or just get stronger, strength and conditioning classes are open to all levels of experience and fitness. With our group classes or personal training, we’re here to give you the boost you may need to help you push yourself towards meeting your goals.


Open to all skill levels and body types with the purpose to gain or maintain full range of motion that is necessary for martial arts training and overall well being. The class systematically utilizes stretches/movement patterns to target key areas including the neck, shoulder, mid back, low back, hips, knees and ankles before transitioning into full body movement patterns. Show up and check out what mobility patterns you can start incorporating into your life!

10th Planet San Diego Muay Thai
10th Planet San Diego Kid's Programs

Kid’s Programs

Our youth classes in jiu jitsu and striking are designed to make sure every kid has fun and is comfortable while learning the discipline of each sport. Each of our youth instructors focus on the basics, and as the kids progress, they learn how to be competitive and develop their own skill set.