COVID-19 Updates and Online Training

10th Planet San Diego Jiu Jitsu

In light of the current situation and newly released mandates, we regretfully inform you we are closed for normal business. We anticipate normal operations once the mandates have been removed.

 We are giving members complimentary two month access to our tutorial site You’ll sign up for an account and pick COVID-19 membership. That will provide two months access to what we’ve designated as Black Belt Subscription. We will also post additional content to include boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and strength and conditioning tutorials with drills and workouts you can stick with outside of the gym.

 As of March 19th, we have frozen all membership accounts and will not be running any of your monthly dues until your normal monthly withdrawal date after we reopen and will apply dues paid just prior to our closure to the first month we reopen. If you are a paid in full membership, we will comp the months frozen onto the tail end of your current date of renewal. 

 With this in mind, we ask you to consider personal training options. We can certainly work with you one on one or in small groups remotely. Please reach out to us at 760-587-5769 or get in contact with the coach of your choice so we can work with you on pricing options.